Where to get Instant Download Baseball Game Seatings

Most Expensive Baseball Stadiums in the World

Every baseball fan would be amazed to watch a live ball game, all the more when it is played in a world-renowned arena. Baseball stadiums definitely do not come cheap. Modern and state of the art ball parks are definitely worth millions of dollars, and strive to offer the best experience to the live audience.

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TotalProSports.com came up with an article that summed up the most expensively constructed baseball stadiums in the world. They emphasized that the list of the stadiums are based on inflation-adjusted cost. SocalSeats Cheap Angels Tickets – Download Instantly

Where to get Instant Download Baseball Game Seatings
Baseball stadiums are a big investment. (Photo Credits)

The Met Life Stadium topped their list of the most expensive baseball stadiums in the world.

“The New York Jets spent 26 years as tenants of the New York Giants in the old Giant Stadium. But finally, in 2010, the New York Jets became equal partners with the Giants in the ownership of the brand new 80,000 MetLife Stadium (a.k.a. the New Meadowlands Stadium). At an incredible $1.6 billion, this is the most expensive stadium in the world—though at least the cost was shared by two teams instead of just one or, worse, the taxpayers of New Jersey.”

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Billion-Dollar Baseball Stadium

Investopedia also rounded up the most expensive baseball stadiums in the world. In their list, the New Meadowland’s Stadium of New Jersey is foremost in their list of most expensive stadiums all over the world. SocalSeats Cheap LA Dodger Tickets – Download Instantly

“New Jersey currently lays claim to the world’s most expensive stadium, but when you learn the details of the financing, it’s little wonder they were able to build such an impressive stadium. Two of the NFL’s most prominent teams, the New York Jets and the New York Giants, shared the construction costs equally and they continue their stadium-sharing plan that they had when they played in the old Giant Stadium. Completed in 2010, and currently known as MetLife Stadium, the new building is the largest NFL stadium without a dome. Some clever technology was incorporated into the design, such as lighting the exterior in either Jets’ green or Giants’ blue (depending on the home team), installing over 2,200 HD displays throughout the building and the ability to track concession sales as they occur. The last capability allows the stadium’s management to quickly address shortages, long lineups and other customer service issues.”

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The Investment

Insider Monkey meantime shared an article on the world’s most expensive stadiums and what these investments mean for the sport of baseball. SocalSeats Cheap Padres Tickets – Download Instantly

“n 2015 dollars, the combine investments for all 11 of them amounts to $7.2 billion dollars. That is more than Iceland’s annual government budget. These mind-boggling sums have been unimaginable just a few decades ago, not to mention a hundred years ago. For instance, the Wrigley Field, one of the most iconic baseball stadiums in the world, cost $250,000 to build in 1923. That’s less than $6 million today. But the times have changed. Today’s stadiums are designed to keep patrons inside as long as possible and offer plenty of opportunities for them to spend their money.”

The original article can be found here.

Baseball stadiums are indeed an investment, a big business that likewise benefits baseball fanatics.