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What to Do When your Water Heater Breaks Down

A suddenly malfunctioning water heater in the middle of the winter can definitely be a hassle. But knowing how to deal with it can at least reduce the stresses that come with its failure to provide hot running water throughout the whole household.

Water Heater Breaks

There are many types of water heart and determining what type you have is important in knowing how to respond to these types of situations. Keep in mind all the basic information you know about your water heater, so that it will be easier for you to know what to do when your water heater breaks down. Plumber in San Diego

The website E-How enumerated the many possible reasons why a home water heater breaks down, and offered troubleshooting suggestions for minor cases. What Winter Means For Water Pipes

“Water heaters work well with typical cleaning and maintenance and heat water for household appliances and faucets. However, as with any large home appliance, a hot water heater occasionally can cause problems for a homeowner. Serious repairs will require a professional’s assistance, but less major issues frequently can be resolved by the homeowner. One place to start before calling a professional is gaining an understanding of what often causes hot water heaters to malfunction.”

Check out the list here.

More Troubleshooting Tips

Hometips also shared ways to troubleshoot a malfunctioning water heater. “Typical water heater problems include a leaking tank (see Water Heater Is Leaking), not enough hot water, water that is too hot or not hot enough, strange noises in the tank, and discolored or smelly water. You can diagnose and handle most of these problems if you understand how a storage water heater works.”

Read the list that hometips shared here.

Diagnosing the Problem

The website meantime shared ways on how to diagnose a problematic water heater. “To effectively test, or even observe, any of these parts for performance issues, the tank needs to be emptied. Start by turning off the heat at the electric panel or the gas supply, then give the water inside some time to cool. Close the cold water intake and attach a hose to the drain valve located near the b ottom of the tank. Finally, open a hot water tap somewhere in your home to ensure that air gets in to the tank and open the drain valve. WARNING: It’s possible that the water inside that you are draining will still be quite hot despite leaving time for it to cool. Be careful not to drain the water too quickly, and be sure to direct the water somewhere safe, like outside, down a basement drain, or into a series of buckets.”

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When unsure as to what has gone wrong with a home water heater system, the best and safest recourse is to call for professional help.

San Diego CatapulcoShack Great Tacolocoboco

Flying kites will always be one of the happiest childhood memories of people who have had the opportunity to go kite-flying with their families. For San Diego locals, kite flying will always be an activity that they can do given the great climate, and perfect spots to go kiting in and around the county.

The San Diego Magazine recommends The Mission Bay Park for Kite Flying. “With summer in full swing, it’s prime time to get outside for some fresh air fun, and kite flying is a great option for a free summer activity that you never grow out of. San Diego has several prime kite-flying spots, including beaches like South Carlsbad State Beach, Dog Beach, and the cliffs above Black’s Beach. Mission Bay Park is also a great spot, as well as the meeting place of the San Diego Kite Club. Daniel Willan, the club president suggests Mariners Point, Tecolote Shores North and Fiesta Island as prime destinations for kite flying.” Read the whole article here.

USA Today also touted Mission Beach as one of the best places in the world to fly kites. “‘The very active San Diego Kite Club gathers here. It’s a great place to watch skilled four-line kite fliers practice individual and team maneuvers.’ The club also holds a major event each New Year’s Day, when some of the country’s finest kite makers turn out to test their newest creations.” Check out the rest of the article here.

The San Diego Tourism Authority meantime shared more information about the biggest kite flying festival in the whole county, and the oldest annual kiddie kite flying event in the whole United States. “Spend the day at the Ocean Beach Kite Festival enjoying Live Music, Street Fair, Carnival Rides and, of course, Kites. Our Kite Festival is held at Dusty Rhodes Park on the Second Saturday of May. It’s the oldest children’s kite festival in the United States. We have kite building and decorating, prizes, professional kite fliers and amazing kite demonstrations and games, crafters, community organizations, gourmet food, carnival activities and live music!” Read more here. 

The website Your North County meantime shared a guide on where to buy kites in their area. “First things, first… you need a kite. If you haven’t shopped for one in a while, the varying styles and level of sophistication might just literally blow you away. Start with a simple light-pulling kite for kids that they can easily hold on to in the wind. Several kite-specific stores in North County have recently closed, but local toy stores have them as does REI. Or, for more options than you can handle, try Kite Country on Sports Arena Blvd.” Read the websites Kite Flying 101 here.

Kite Flying is indeed one great family family bonding activity that can be enjoyed when in San Diego, California.

Who Is Chuck Dixon?

Chuck Dixon is recognized across the industry as the most prolific writer working in comics today. His resume includes thousands of scripts for icon characters like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Iron Man, the Punisher, The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, GI Joe and many others. He is (along with artist Graham Nolan) the creator of the Batman villain Bane, the first permanent addition to the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery in forty years and for which he won 1993′s Wizard Fan Award for best new character. His graphic novel adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit is a perennial bestseller worldwide. His unprecedented 100 issue run on DC Comics Robin is considered to be a classic in the comics medium. Chuck’s contributions to Marvel Comics’ The Punisher are widely acknowledged as integral to that character’s development.

An early pioneer in the movement for creator ownership of comic book properties, Chuck is also the creative force behind Lawdog, Sigurd and Slasher, Invasion ’55, The Vanishers, War Man, Seven Block and comics cult classic Winterworld.

He was nominated for an Eisner for El Cazador, a pirate epic created for CrossGen comics with Steve Epting. Along with Jordan Gorfinkel, Chuck created the successful comics series Birds of Prey for DC Comics which was developed for television by Warners.

He is a partner with Gary Kwapisz at History Graphics Press where they are publishing an ambitious series of graphic novels about the American Civil War.

Chuck currently writes two monthly titles featuring GI Joe for IDW and The Simpsons for Bongo Comics as well as various other projects fro comics and motion pictures.