loans in tomball texas


December 15, 2010

This the art for an inventory issue of Birds of Prey that was scheduled to run around Christmas time about ten years ago. It features what is basically a dream sequence in which Babs re-imagine her and Dinah’s life as a WWII Era aviation newspaper strip. It was to be drawn by Butch Guice who was looking forward to paying homage to his (and my) idols of comics past like Milton Caniff and Frank Robbins. But Butch departed DC for Tampa and the only other choice for the art chores (in my mind) was Lito Fernandez. I’d worked with Lito on Invasion ’55 and he captures that retro comics look with such ease. And, like Butch, he’d do the homework on the WWII stuff. The issue was to be published gatefold fashion with the “dailies” in black and white and the “Sundays” in color. The bar atop the Sunday pages was to be filled in witht he logos for the Daily Planet or the Gotham Gazette as if the strips had been clipped from the newspaper at the time. Anyhow, enjoy this belated Christmas present! Belated from 2001!

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