Iíve decided to offer, via download, the scripts for the two issues of American Power that I wrote for CrossGen.

This is the comic that, sight-unseen, caused such deliberation and condemnation in the comics community. Now youíll have an opportunity to see for yourself what the fuss was all about.

How can you get them? Thereís only one way.

Use this link to go to and make a donation to this fine effort that supplies our fighting men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan with books, CDs and DVDS of their choosing for free.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and make a donation in any amount to them via Paypal.  

THEN, forward the e-mail confirmation of your donation to:

You will then be emailed in return a Word file containing the two completed scripts for both the Free Comic Book Day edition of American Power (a full script for 22 pages of comics) as well as the intended script for what was to be American Power #1. Included in this file will be scans (from the original art) of both covers and several completed interior pages. This material has only ever been seen by a few CrossGen staff members and now it can be yours to inspect!

I can understand that some of you don't wish to use Paypal to send your donations to Books for Soldiers.

They allow you to send checks to:
Books For Soldiers
353 Jonestown RD #123
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

It IS tax deductible.

If you send a check just e-mail me and tell me you've done so. Also tell me the amount you've contributed so's I can keep a tally and report it to you all later.

Books For Soldiers is an all-volunteer, charitable organization that basically provides a FREE service to our soldiers on the frontlines of the War on Terror. It allows them to order the same books, CDs and DVDs that you can order right now for FREE. These provide hours of entertainment to break up the tedium or juts take away the loneliness or homesickness for a little while. Like all media product in these combat zones, these paperbacks, comics, movies and music will be shared by countless troops. I highly endorse this charity and its work. I have collected money for it at conventions and store appearances and always found comic fans to be more than generous. We can ALL relate to being stuck somewhere with lots of time to kill and nothing to read, right?

And please, this is an honor thing, donít share the download. Anyone who wants it can have it for ANY level of donation. Tell your friends but keep the file to yourself.

Thanks in advance from me and our fightiní folks!



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